Heartland EQ, LLC is a distributor of


Excel Supplements, which includes ExcelEQ, ExcelEQ Pro Elite, ExcelK9, ExcelR8, ExcelRescue Salve, and ExcelRescue Hoof Dressing.


 Equinety XL.

HALO for equine, k9, and human

SOLO for equine muscle strength & Stamina.

MELO for equine and K9 - Benefits, Calm, Focused, Stress Free

We carry only superior products that work well together or separate, depending upon your needs.


Centrally  located in Hartford Wisconsin enables us to serve customers in the midwest, offering FREE SHIPPING in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Delivery of product to our customers in most cases is overnight, or 2nd day delivery. 

We are experienced horse owners and have been involved with horses and their care for over 50 years; understanding the problems that horses can have with lameness, weight problems, performance , and many other issues, as well as the treatments and drugs used for these. Our expertise also includes raising, breeding, showing, and training horses.


We are also life long dog owners, have bred and raised  AKC Miniture Schnauzers for over 20 years. Our knowledge in K9 diseases,treatment methods,and drugs, enables us to better serve you with the usage of the K9 product.


Our experiences enable us to give our clients very personalized service geared  for your horse or dog, to achieve optimum results with these products.


We have clients with horses  that have suffered from heaves, arthritis, HYPP, PSSM, EPM, allergies, lower motor neuron disease, pre-medibolic, cushings, weight problems, bad feet and many other problems, and have been able to give their owners options to help their horses.


There  horses in every discipline of riding that are getting the benefits of these great products.


Our goal is to provide our clients with superior customer service, quick delivery and technical support in using these products.

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